Boiler Hire

Events & Exhibitions

With over 30 years’ experience providing boilers to events and exhibitions, Andrews are the obvious choice when the need for temporary equipment arises. We are well-established as the UK’s largest specialist hire company and offer workable solutions to virtually any problem or scenario. Our all-encompassing range of electric, oil and natural gas fired boilers means we can guarantee to have units available for your event or exhibition.

Our Service

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor sporting event, corporate function or a standard exhibition, our comprehensive boiler packages will ensure vital heating and hot water provisions are constantly available as and when required. We offer clients the most advanced, energy-efficient units and all necessary ancillaries, as well as a 24 hour contingency service which runs concurrently alongside your hire.

Our unrivalled understanding of your industry allows us to swiftly overcome planned or emergency boiler requirements without interrupting your schedule. With thirty depots positioned across the country, we are able to guarantee a site visit within four hours of being contacted. In order to help us establish the best solution for your boiler requirements, we will send one of our skilled engineers to survey your premises and ascertain which equipment is most suitable for you.

We appreciate that different applications require different responses, which is why we take concerted steps to tailor a system to your precise specifications. As well as bespoke equipment, we also provide a fuel a management service, which means we resupply, when necessary, fuel to maintain hot water and heating so your event stays uninteruptted. By frequently investing in both our staff and products, we are able to continue giving the optimum level of service that customers have become accustomed to.

Controlled Heating

During the winter months especially, a reliable heating system is essential when cold temperatures may otherwise threaten to tarnish the guest experience at your event. Ineffective or deficient climate control equipment can have a negative impact on the enjoyment of visitors, and cause your exhibition to be considered unsuccessful by those in attendance. Our extensive experience providing boilers to companies in your industry makes us very well-placed to accommodate any requirements – even at short notice.

From sporting occasions to private functions, we have an unbeatable range of units ensuring demand on any scale can be quickly satisfied. By meticulously planning your event well in advance, you can guard against a sudden drop in temperature preventing its smooth running.
As well as operate resourcefully, any boiler system we install will blend discreetly into the background and be kept hidden from view. Even when in use our modern units are almost silent, allowing unobtrusive deployment in practically any environment. At Andrews, we don’t just deliver and install heating solutions, but maintain and monitor them throughout the duration of hire. This allows us to make adjustments should conditions change unexpectedly, and thus guarantee unforeseen issues are swiftly countered.

We also supply a complete range of event type fan coils units, these units are quiet, easy to manoeuvre and discreet in appearance which is a necessity when it comes to staging an event, conference or film production. We also have the largest fleet of air handling units, when connected to our temporary boiler they deliver large volumes of ducted heated air to designated areas, these units and can be positioned internally or externally to suit any application.

Hot Water for Kitchens

Depending on the type of event you’re holding, a dependable hot water supply may be required for kitchen facilities and other uses. If this provision is lacking and could potentially affect parts of your function, then contact us immediately and we’ll help provide a viable water heating arrangement. With a large number of energy-efficient boilers suitable for both domestic properties and commercial applications, we can ensure cleaning, cooking and other tasks are routinely completed.

Although delivering the right equipment is unquestionably the most important aspect of our service, we also offer technical support while units are on your site. By regularly checking all apparatus both before and during hire, we guarantee that our boilers can operate uninhibited for as long as they are needed. With specific experience of your industry, our engineers recognise that each project warrants a unique response, with a number of factors considered before a solution is recommended.

If your exhibition hall or event room is imminent and lacks either hot water or heating, call us immediately on 0800 211 611. From providing emergency alternatives to broken systems or simply putting a plan in place for the future, we promise same-day delivery of boilers and accessories – and at times convenient to you. To discuss your requirements in more detail or for further information on how we can help you, contact a member of our consultant team today.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Boilers

Our compact and lightweight electric boilers have been designed for use in a multitude of applications, including underfloor heating

Packaged Boilers

Ranging from 100kW to 1,500kW, these robust, containerised boilers are designed for even the harshest of environments

Mobile Boilers

These trailer-mounted boilers offer excellent flexibility in instances where easy transportation and quick installation are desired

Medium Pressure Hot Water Boilers

We offer a complete solution for MPHW requirements where clients need to operate a heating system at a higher temperature than normally necessary

Boiler Air Handlers

To complement our boiler range, we offer a selection of air handling units and fan coils offering duties of up to 50,000m³/h from a single unit

Heat Exchangers

Our braze plate, shell and tube heat exchangers allow heat from a liquid to pass to a second liquid without the two coming into direct contact