Pumps Sector – Quarries & Mines

Sykes Pumps Hire drafted in to assist with cleaning aggregate material

A leading manufacturer and supplier of building materials – including aggregate – recently contacted Sykes Pumps seeking a pump hire solution to help wash the building materials before they are sold on.

The client’s existing washing plant system had proved inadequate after its submersible pump suffered a breakdown, leaving it incapable of cleaning the aggregate and costing the company thousands of pounds. This situation prompted the need for our intervention.

Soon after receiving the call, one of our engineers visited the site to conduct a free survey before recommending the best pumping equipment for their application. As a result of this preliminary process, a high performance UVO 150/100 pump was delivered to site along with a 3000ltr bunded fuel tank.

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Sykes provide long-term pump hire solution for property construction plan

When a Kent quarry became the subject of a major new development project, the customer overseeing the scheme was confident that Sykes could assist them effectively.

The site in question had planning permission for over 10,000 homes and almost 10 million square feet of commercial, retail and leisure space. Sykes have previously worked on similar projects nearby, including the Bluewater Shopping Center scheme.

A number of Sykes UVO 200/150F (D90) diesel pumps were recommended by our specialists, with these particular units deemed perfect for discharging water over a two-mile distance into the River Thames.

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Sykes Pumps help quarry avoid downtime over two-year period

A Sykes GP150 electric pump has reached a two-year milestone of continuous operation at a Cheshire quarry – further strengthening our claim as the UK’s most reliable supplier of pumping equipment. The unit was originally hired to assist a well-known building contractor and has functioned unremittingly without a single breakdown incident.

In 2014, we recommended the pump for a specialist stockpile dewatering application which required the removal of excess water from sand once dredged from a nearby lake. With maximum flow rates of up to 90 litres per second, our pump then discharged the water into a freshwater pond situated adjacent to the quarry.

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Construction site in Kent avoids potentially crippling floods

When quarry water levels become too high, pumping is generally required to ensure that the surrounding areas do not succumb to flooding. In recent years,  Sykes Pumps have provided a number of temporary solutions to prevent this outcome and ensure variables are controlled at all times.

A recent  example of this occurred when a quarry in Kent became at risk of overflowing when sustained periods of rainfall caused water levels to rise to alarming levels. A permanent pumping arrangement was already in place on site, but this proved insufficient once prolonged spells of wet weather set in.

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