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Andrews Heat for Hire provides emergency heating for motorway service

When a motorway service was carrying out renovation works on a motorway service facility, Andrews Heat for Hire was drafted in to provide heat to maintain a high temperature and avoid droughts.

Our specialists visited the site to determine the best solution for the application. They decided to place an ID65 Indirect fired oil heater, which provides a nominal heating duty of 65kW.

The equipment was placed in the car park, which was within a 40m distant of the area in which heating was required. A 1000 litre fuel tank was also supplied to ensure the unit could operate without interruption for extended periods of time.

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Royal Mail seek heating solution from Andrews Heat for Hire

When the Royal Mail was in search of an urgent temporary heating solution ahead of the festive period, Andrews were contacted to provide expert advice.

The distribution centre was having trouble keeping their warehouse warm during the winter period and as a result, staff were struggling to work in the cold conditions. Faced with the possibility of having to close the business temporarily, the site manager was under immense pressure to source effective short-term heating equipment.

A local specialist visited the site to conduct an assessment and calculate the staff working area before recommending a heater hire package comprising of two ID65 indirect fired oil heaters, along with a 1,000 litre fuel tank.

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Andrews Heat for Hire keep stallholders warm during cold spell

When north Lincolnshire’s biggest indoor market required short-term heating to keep stallholders comfortable during the winter period, local authorities approached us in search of an immediate solution.

A local specialist reviewed the site and recommended that our client hire a single high capacity FH4000 indirect heater, along with a fuel tank and four lengths of ducting. The temporary heating was required to be in constant use 24 hours a day, providing the large space with background heat to take the chill off the workers.

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Andrews Heat for Hire aid construction of new London school

Low ambient temperatures during the finishing stages of a building can cause problems for a contractor, while frost can damage delicate materials and a slow drying process may delay an overall project. Raising the temperature too quickly can also cause surface cracking as the materials shrink, meaning conditions must be closely controlled to prevent complications arising.

The fit-out phase of a new school in London therefore required external assistance during the winter period, with Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to provide the necessary equipment. A local expert then visited the site to gain a better understanding of the application in question, before proposing a heater hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client.

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World-famous London tourist attraction kept operational by Andrews

As one of the country’s most frequently visited tourist spots, the Tower of London’s climate control arrangements face much scrutiny should customers complain about its perceived ineffectiveness. So when a new chiller system was installed on site before seasonal temperatures could dramatically rise, it was of paramount importance that the unit was subjected to a thorough heat load test.

Approximately 80kW of heat was needed to ascertain whether the chiller was ready to be commissioned, meaning some temporary equipment was sourced to facilitate the assessment being carried out.

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Andrews Heat for Hire aid Newcastle rail station

A major railway station in Newcastle required emergency drying earlier this month after a new floor was fitted on the concourse. The station – which served almost eight million people last year – faced a heavy penalty if the work was not completed before an agreed deadline.

The client contacted Andrews Heat for Hire late in the evening, seeking an immediate response in order to avoid the fine and possible downtime. Our engineers visited the site almost instantly, with equipment delivered and fully installed within four hours.

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Andrews Dehumidification and Heat for Hire reduce moisture levels

Recent heavy rainfall that has dramatically affected people in the UK, has not only caused extreme flooding across the country, but has caused increasing moisture levels in buildings. A police department in North Yorkshire recently contacted Andrews Heat for Hire in the hope of finding a solution for a moisture problem in cable traps under the floor. A specialist engineer carried out a no obligation free site survey to determine the client’s needs. It was decided that the most effective way to dry out the building would be to supply three powerful FH111 heaters alongside twelve HD 500 refrigerant dehumidifiers.

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