Heating Hire

Goodbye air conditioning, hello heating, ventilation and drying!

And just like that, a new, colder and wetter season is upon us! As the temperature changes, so, too, do the requirements of our customers. Colder weather also tends to lead to a rise in relative humidity – which is not something you should just accept or ignore!

What’s the answer, then? Well, it depends on the issue!

At this time of year especially, we tend to get a lot of enquiries from clients in the construction sector looking to accelerate the drying of wet trades, painting, and other finishing touches. By November, we’ll also start to receive a lot of requests for heating as a frost protection measure.

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How can companies protect themselves against winter conditions?

As winter approaches, there are many reasons why you may need to consider a temporary heating hire solution. With temperatures starting to plummet across many parts of the UK, we must contemplate how this can affect your company’s staff and operations.

According to UK government guidelines, it is the responsibility of your employer to maintain a ‘reasonable’ temperature in your place of work – and this varies from industry to industry. In 2017, a survey conducted by Andrews Sykes revealed that productivity within an office environment is heavily impacted if temperatures are either too hot or too cold. Up to 80% of those asked admitted to complaining about the temperature of their office, which underlines just how widespread the problem is. These statistics also demonstrate the importance of maintaining the correct conditions which renders a source of heating essential during the winter months.

What should I do following a heating failure?

So, what happens when your heating system is no longer up to the task or breaks down completely? An absence of suitable climate control could jeopardise output and the efficiency with which your staff work, which is a completely undesirable scenario for any business. A solution should therefore be sought as quickly as possible – and it’s easier than you think.

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Royal Mail seek heating solution from Andrews Heat for Hire

When the Royal Mail was in search of an urgent temporary heating solution ahead of the festive period, Andrews were contacted to provide expert advice.

The distribution centre was having trouble keeping their warehouse warm during the winter period and as a result, staff were struggling to work in the cold conditions. Faced with the possibility of having to close the business temporarily, the site manager was under immense pressure to source effective short-term heating equipment.

A local specialist visited the site to conduct an assessment and calculate the staff working area before recommending a heater hire package comprising of two ID65 indirect fired oil heaters, along with a 1,000 litre fuel tank.

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Supermarket kept open by Andrews Heat for Hire

When one of the biggest supermarkets in Britain was left without heating following an air management system upgrade, the HVAC contractor responsible for the building contacted Andrews Heat for Hire to source some emergency temporary heating.

Our specialists were on hand to visit the store within two hours of contact being made. The solution of our local specialist was to propose the deployment of an Aurora FH 4000 indirect fired oil heater, which is capable of delivering large volumes of warm air throughout a shopping environment.

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Andrews Heat for Hire keep stallholders warm during cold spell

When north Lincolnshire’s biggest indoor market required short-term heating to keep stallholders comfortable during the winter period, local authorities approached us in search of an immediate solution.

A local specialist reviewed the site and recommended that our client hire a single high capacity FH4000 indirect heater, along with a fuel tank and four lengths of ducting. The temporary heating was required to be in constant use 24 hours a day, providing the large space with background heat to take the chill off the workers.

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MOD college facilities kept open thanks to heater hire solution

A college in Lyneham recently took precautions to ensure staff and students remained warm during term time. With temperatures plummeting to below freezing across many parts of the country, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted to provide an effective rented heating solution.

The enquiry was swiftly handled by our specialists, with a same-day site survey conducted by on one of our local experts.  A temporary heater hire package was then proposed, consisting of several electric and oil fired heaters in addition to four fuel tanks to facilitate extensive periods of operation.

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Newly-crowned European champion Ingram prepares for Wales Rally GB

The month of October has been a good one for Chris Ingram. Officially crowned as two-wheel drive European champion on the 8th, the Manchester-based driver was then signed up by Vauxhall Motorsport to compete in the Wales Rally GB – commencing this weekend.

Chris’ impressive performances this season caught the eye of Network Q, who moved quickly to include the 22-year-old among their stellar line-up.

His achievements have also yielded a fantastic amount of coverage among national broadcasters including ITV and Eurosport. This has in turn seen the Andrews Heat for Hire branding – historically iconic in motor racing – frequently appear in live footage, features and interviews with Chris.

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Ingram gears up for Championship showdown

This weekend’s FIA European Rally Championship Junior finale in Latvia represents arguably the most significant period of Chris Ingram’s career so far – not to mention one of the most challenging.

The 22-year-old Mancunian has established a commanding 31-point lead over nearest rival and Opel teammate Marijan Griebel, following five consecutive podium finishes.

Only a Griebel victory in the final round can prevent the Andrews-sponsored driver from sealing the title, with the best four scores from six counting towards each driver’s finishing position. Any other result will see Chris crowned European champion, winning the coveted prize-drive in Cyprus.

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Andrews Heat for Hire keep holidaymakers warm at Gatwick

Towards the end of 2015, Gatwick Airport officially opened the world’s largest self-service bag drop zone in its North Terminal building. The £36 million project was provisionally unveiled last October and was designed to help passengers “check in” in less than two minutes!

Initially only accessible to easyJet passengers, the speedy drop zone has proved so successful that there are already plans for it to expand to other carriers in the near future.

And the comfort of those travelling was unquestionably considered a top priority by the UK’s most popular airliner, who took measures to ensure a temporary heating solution was in place before the grand opening.

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Blazing rows – how nearly half of UK couples argue about heating

It’s a subject that has sparked debate in the majority of households at one time or another – with recent studies suggesting that heating is in fact the biggest cause of arguments in a domestic environment during winter.

So it’s perhaps unsurprisingly that almost fifty per cent of people admit to squabbling over the temperature with their spouse or partner.

We recently commissioned a survey to investigate the topic further, questioning over 2,000 UK residents before publishing the findings here.

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