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No off-season for our boilers!

Despite it being the middle of summer, demand for boiler hire remains significant. Even with rising temperatures, there will always be a year-round requirement for replacement boilers – a notion which challenges the common misconception that they are only necessary during the colder months.

There are several factors contributing to the sustained demand for temporary boiler rental. Firstly, boilers are not solely responsible for heating indoor spaces. They also provide hot water for various industrial processes and manufacturing operations. Many businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, rely heavily on hot water for their day-to-day operations. Without efficient boilers, these establishments would face significant disruptions and productivity losses, regardless of the season.

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Andrews Boilers responds to emergency crisis at Swindon hospital

Andrews Boiler Hire was recently contacted in response to a critical situation faced by a hospital in Swindon. A boiler failure left dozens of patients without any form of heating and with no backup system available on site, a temporary replacement was required. The facilities management company responsible for overseeing the premises subsequently contacted Andrews and asked us to remedy the issue.

The incident took place during the early hours and required a punctual response. One of our local engineers visited the scene in order to carry out a site survey and assess the affected area, all within an hour of the initial call being received. This process was further aided by a conversation with our client while the engineer was actually en route to the hospital, providing our specialist with a clearer idea of what to expect once they reached the location.

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