Air Conditioning Sector – Shops & Malls

Popular hairdresser chain rents air conditioning systems for multiple salons

Last month, personal care businesses were permitted to reopen in England, including beauty salons, spars and hairdressers. This was unsurprisingly billed as an important next step in the country’s roadmap out of the coronavirus lockdown, with customers expected to return in their droves.

While ventilation remains a key consideration for all close contact services, we have also noticed a spike in air conditioning enquiries as companies look ahead to the summer.

A well-known salon with multiple branches in London recently contacted us to gain a better perspective of the cooling options available to them. Explaining that space was extremely limited and that low-noise equipment was essential, Andrews’ local expert recommended our Polar Wind portable air conditioners.

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Retail store kept cool by Andrews Air Conditioning during UK heatwave

A well-known retailer was in search of an emergency cooling solution for their flagship store in Oldham following the arrival of some blisteringly hot weather. As a result, our air conditioning specialists were drafted in to recommend a suitable cooling solution to help reduce temperatures on site.

The client’s retail store was located in an old mill which was devoid of any openings, meaning the shop itself was poorly ventilated and prone to overheating during the summer. Following the completion of a site survey, our experts proposed a tailored air conditioning hire package comprising of two Cyclone DX evaporative coolers.

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire guarantees the continued safety of garden centre pets

Pet retailers across the country are obligated to ensure all animals are kept safe and healthy, so when a garden centre in Nottingham encountered difficulties keeping their rabbits and guinea pigs cool, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of an effective cooling solution.

As an existing client, they knew Andrews would be able to offer same-day, out of hours delivery which was extremely important given how quickly high temperatures can affect small animals.

Our specialists recommended the deployment of an ET21 air conditioner after calculating that approximately 6kW of cooling would be sufficient in guaranteeing the continued wellbeing of the animals. Cold air was then driven into the wood cladding building via lengths of ducting we provided – directly spot cooling the display cabinets which housed the rabbits and guinea pigs.

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Portable air conditioning units keep retail trade booming

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we recognise that controlling the temperature of your outlet or store can be difficult during the summer months. Fortunately, by regularly working alongside customers operating in your industry we have been able to develop an unrivalled aptitude for providing bespoke cooling solutions specifically designed for the retail environments.

This was recently demonstrated when an internationally-renowned clothes shop based in Manchester sought a temporary air conditioning system after seasonal temperatures rose sharply. Access restrictions meant we would have to recommend units that would not require either ducting or outside access – a realisation established following a site survey.

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Andrews Air Conditioning assists farm shop in Kent

If perishable crops aren’t stored in a closely monitored environment, they are likely to quickly become inedible, spoiled and eventually wasted. Warm temperatures can drastically affect the condition of fruit and vegetables, which is why farms and plantations regularly seek the services of Andrews Air Conditioning.

A client in north-west Kent contacted us during a period of seasonal warmth, looking for a short-term solution to rising temperatures. The farm – based in Dartford – required some temporary equipment to ensure freshly picked broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and courgettes remained as such while on the shop shelves.

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Retail Outlet Cooling

Retail outlets and shops of all sizes can benefit from having effective air conditioning during the summer months. The cost of having a fully installed system can be prohibitive so that is why many shop owners turn to a hire solution during the long hot days of summer. Portable units can be used to cool whole shops, provide spot cooling and supplement existing equipment. One major high street retailer contacted us when they had problems with a number of their town centre locations. The high summer temperature and busy periods combined to create a hot and sticky environment, which was not conducive to their business as shoppers complained and left the shops without buying any of their product.

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Indoor shop cooling

During popular spending periods it can be hard to control the climate within your shop, especially when overcrowding occurs. Andrews Air Conditioning understands the complexity of maintaining a comfortable environment within your shop. We supply an excellent range of unique products that will ensure the best temperature for your business.

A multi-national retail outlet called Andrews Air Conditioning when they were in need of cooling for their overheated shop floor. The shop was exceedingly busy and portable air conditioners could not be used as there was no access to the outside.

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