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Andrews Sykes provide emergency cooling solution during exam season

An uncomfortably hot working environment at school can negatively impact the concentration levels, productivity and comfort of the students. This is most evident during examination season when increased temperatures cause halls to become hot and stuffy very quickly. Fortunately for our customers, Andrews Air Conditioning have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to [...]

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Specialist educational institution in London requires cooling

With temperatures in the capital regularly approaching 30°C during August, it was perhaps unsurprising that demand for climate control solutions soared. So when a dedicated drawing school in Hackney required a temporary cooling system, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of a temporary hire package. The client was an existing customer of ours and [...]

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University in Wales seeks air conditioning

One of Britain’s leading education institutions recently required temporary cooling for a series of graduation ceremonies during the summer period. Rising seasonal temperatures combined with large numbers of people in a confined space had caused the university’s main hall to overheat, and as such a short-term solution was needed. The client had a fixed cooling [...]

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University Contract With Andrews Air Conditioning

Studying and revising for exams throughout the long summer days can be gruelling task. Many students and teachers are left uncomfortable and demotivated, trapped in airless stuffy classrooms, such was the case with one university this summer. The university building is quite old and doesn’t have very good ventilation, this causes rooms to get too [...]

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Andrews Air Conditioning assist University exam week

Universities often contact Andrews Sykes when it comes to overheated offices or classrooms. When a well-known university contacted our specialist Air Conditioning Hire division concerning a lecture hall for their exam weeks, we were on site immediately. The lecture hall can contain up to 50 students per exam which meant that it overheated very easily. When [...]

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