Air Quality Control Hire


The comfort and safety of patients will always be a priority in any healthcare environment, with countless factors responsible for shaping that. Nothing should be left to chance when the welfare of people is at stake, with small adaptations often going a long way. Poor air quality is now considered to be the largest environmental risk to public health in this country, underlining the importance of limiting people’s exposure to pollution, viruses and other situations that can impact life expectancy.


As of 2021, more than 2,000 health centres in the UK are located in areas which exceed defined safe air pollution limits. This includes approximately 250 hospitals that are at the mercy of high levels of PM2.5. Epidemiological studies have revealed that exposure to air pollution increases the likelihood of cardiovascular or respiratory diseases developing, reducing life expectancy. It is clear that the healthcare sector could benefit from investing in appropriate air quality monitoring – particularly with so many vulnerable people potentially at greater risk – and the use of such equipment is now becoming more and more commonplace.

Having worked with NHS trusts, private medical companies, general practitioners and care homes over an extensive period, you can rely on us to propose an air quality control solution that suits the unique requirements of the application for which you are responsible.


Independently conducted research suggests that the deployment of an air purification arrangement within a healthcare setting can reduce the rate of invasive diseases by as much as 50%. There can be little doubt that effective airborne infection control via the use of filtration systems can not only save lives, but also drastically reduce the cost of patient care in some scenarios.

Achieving efficiencies of up to 99.9%, the Andrews air quality range has been designed to tackle the presence of ultra-fine particles in a variety of hospital settings. All units within our hire fleet have been individually tested to high specifications, require minimal maintenance, are simple to install and include long-lasting filters that are ideal for lengthy hires.


The elderly and infirm often have compromised or weakened immune systems, so it is absolutely critical that the indoor air quality in nursing homes is given the attention it warrants. Residents tend to spend the vast majority of their time inside, which puts them at greater risk as far as toxic fumes and airborne bacteria are concerned.
As recently as 2017, the EU-27’s standardised death rate from respiratory diseases was 38 times higher for people over 65 than for those under the age of 65. By deploying an air purification system inside a care home, you can help deliver a safer living and working environment for the very people who need it most.

Our comprehensive range of air purifiers, air cleaners and ventilation fans are available from our nationwide depot network, meaning we can get kit to your site within four hours. If you have any queries about the advantages of air quality control equipment, and how you can best optimise your solution, call us today on 0800 211 611.