Facilities Management

As specialists in the provision of temporary air quality control solutions to the FM industry, we offer our customers an expansive range of equipment that has been tailored to suit the requirements of the various industries that your own clients work within. We recognise the importance of having your building’s air quality monitored and improved wherever possible to ensure the immediate well-being of those inside.



The continued success of leading facilities management companies is driven by an adaptability that encourages you to constantly seek the best for your clients. Perhaps now more than ever before, this means taking care of standard requirements – such as HVAC systems – but also accommodating the more topical clamour for air quality control equipment in locations where high volumes of people might be present.

Building services should rightly be considered a critical component of facilities management, with air purification and similar devices very much falling into this bracket. As one of the UK’s leading specialist hire providers, we have the resources and expertise that you would expect from a distinguished service partner. Additionally, we also offer free site surveys to ensure our engineers are familiar with the specifications of any job you might have in mind, ahead of any proposal.



In your highly competitive market sector, having an esteemed reputation can often be the difference between losing or retaining a lucrative contract. Almost every organisation you deal with will regard business continuity as a non-negotiable element of the service you provide, necessitating that any potential cause for disruption is highlighted and addressed as quickly as possible.

With every passing week, more and more evidence comes to light demonstrating the irrefutable links between good air quality and improved productivity, better cognitive performance and minimised absenteeism. Of course, these characteristics are associated with companies operating at the top of their game – and this does not just happen by accident.

By deploying an air purifier, air cleaner or mechanical ventilation system, you can create a drastically enhanced working environment that greatly benefits your workforce, visitors or patrons, even if the improved conditions are not immediately detectable.



Despite the broad perception that it may be quite some time before we see office occupancy levels at their previous capacities – if indeed we ever do – there has arguably never been a better time to be taking the air quality of these applications seriously. Office areas often confine many people into small spaces which heightens the risk of respiratory droplets being exhaled by one person and then breathed in by another.

Good ventilation undoubtedly reduces the likelihood of the above scenario, but an effective air purification system will go one step further. Even in the absence of viruses, poor air quality can directly cause drowsiness and fatigue which may then exacerbate any other ailments that an individual suffers from. The air quality of an office will be affected by carbon dioxide, VOCs, nitrogen oxide and even relative humidity, but a simple air purifier installation is a fantastic mechanism by which to limit their impact on the very people who drive your business.

Our Range

Air Purifiers

Proven to inactivate airborne bacteria and drastically improve conditions within most indoor environments, our air purifiers are popularly deployed inside offices

Air Cleaners

With an ability to deliver the required number of air changes for any office, our air cleaners are designed to intercept harmful particles while simultaneously improving ventilation

Portable Humidifiers

Humidification equipment plays an essential role in safeguarding people working in an office but also protecting computer equipment and other vital electronics

Filter Sets

Our filter set packages cover all the necessary elements that make up the filtration systems of our Air Purifier and Air Cleaner product range

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