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The education sector, until recently considered to have little need for air conditioning, is rapidly changing. The increased prevalence of IT equipment in today’s teaching environments, coupled with more thermally efficient educational buildings, results in greater reliance on air conditioning to maintain comfortable and productive conditions. At Andrews Air Conditioning Hire we understand the education sector better than most. We have devised and installed temporary air conditioning for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments. In every instance we have created the optimum solution through our extensive product range and unrivalled breadth of experience. If you need temporary air conditioning, ventilation fans or air handlers in your educational premises, we’re sure you’ll award us top marks.

Schools, colleges and other education buildings may require air conditioning hire in a wide range of areas such as lecture theatres, sports halls, catering facilities, seminar and teaching rooms, workshops, laboratories, administration buildings and IT suites. Because the levels of use and occupancy such educational facilities are put to vary from hour to hour, day to day, it can be impossible to judge the ideal level of cooling. Installing too much is costly and wasteful in energy, but installing too little risks having an inadequate level of temperature control just when you need it most. That’s when a temporary air conditioning solution from Andrews Sykes is the ideal solution. We will assess your requirements and deliver just the right amount of equipment to meet your needs. And if the situation changes, you can add or remove our modular systems as necessary.

When we deliver an air conditioning solution, we’ll advise on its ideal placement then get it up and running to your complete satisfaction. Andrews air conditioning units are quiet and discreet enough to blend well into any teaching situation and they meet the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. With flexible long or short-term rental options to suit you, an air cooling system from Andrews represents the educated choice. For an initial outlay starting at just a few pounds per day, and with not capital expenditure, it is the low-cost and versatile way to stay cool.

At Andrews Air Conditioning Hire we work closely with Education Authorities and Government agencies across the UK and are trusted to deliver the ideal air conditioning package every time. Our nationwide location network enables us to deliver our huge range of air conditioners and services quickly and efficiently - often the same day. We have aircon specialists with specific experience of working in the education sector. We know that no two environments are the same. We understand the complexities of the public purchasing process and local government tender requirements. As safety is of paramount importance in any public area we’re fully equipped to offer written risk assessments and method statements for our clients. Our specialist equipment is designed with education applications in mind. There are air conditioners, fans, chillers and air handlers ideally suited for use in schools, public buildings, leisure centres and offices. Each unit has its own distinct benefits but they all share the same reliability, ease of use, low noise and stylish design. We also take our environment responsibilities seriously. All our rental AC units are CFC-free and industry-leading energy efficiency. Our efforts have been confirmed by the award of the ISO14001 environmental accreditation.

Andrews Sykes provide emergency cooling solution during exam season
An uncomfortably hot working environment at school can negatively impact the concentration levels, productivity and comfort of the students. This is most evident during examination season when increased temperatures cause halls to become hot and stuffy very quickly. Fortunately for our customers, Andrews Air Conditioning have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to [...]
Specialist educational institution in London requires cooling
With temperatures in the capital regularly approaching 30°C during August, it was perhaps unsurprising that demand for climate control solutions soared. So when a dedicated drawing school in Hackney required a temporary cooling system, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of a temporary hire package. The client was an existing customer of ours and [...]
University in Wales seeks air conditioning
One of Britain’s leading education institutions recently required temporary cooling for a series of graduation ceremonies during the summer period. Rising seasonal temperatures combined with large numbers of people in a confined space had caused the university’s main hall to overheat, and as such a short-term solution was needed. The client had a fixed cooling [...]
University Contract With Andrews Air Conditioning
Studying and revising for exams throughout the long summer days can be gruelling task. Many students and teachers are left uncomfortable and demotivated, trapped in airless stuffy classrooms, such was the case with one university this summer. The university building is quite old and doesn’t have very good ventilation, this causes rooms to get too [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning assist University exam week
Universities often contact Andrews Sykes when it comes to overheated offices or classrooms. When a well-known university contacted our specialist Air Conditioning Hire division concerning a lecture hall for their exam weeks, we were on site immediately. The lecture hall can contain up to 50 students per exam which meant that it overheated very easily. When [...]
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