Air Conditioning Hire

Hotels & Restaurants

The clients of leisure facilities such as hotels, restaurants and bars increasingly expect a relaxed, quality ambience. This includes a comfortable temperature, with air conditioning very much an essential part of the solution. Some facilities, such as dining rooms, swimming pools and gyms, are particularly prone to excessive heat and humidity. Our mission is to be the UK’s best air conditioning equipment hire company, helping our customers in the hospitality sector address the challenges they face.

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Our Hospitality Expertise

The hospitality sector is hugely competitive with new and established players constantly striving to deliver a unique and memorable experience, so anything that gives you an advantage over your competitors is well worth considering. At Andrews, we understand the importance of maintaining that vital ambiance which makes your venue unique. We also know how easy it is for that essential atmosphere to be lost if temperatures start to rise due to the weather, increased demand on your facilities or an unexpected equipment failure. That’s why we are on hand with the UK’s largest stocks of portable air conditioning for immediate hire 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your premises don’t have a permanently installed air conditioning system, or you need fast emergency support after a breakdown, you can rely on our nationwide fleet of portable air conditioners, air handlers, fans and fluid chillers for hire. Our experts are ready for your call and happy to visit you to provide free advice and quotations – call us now to make your reservation.


Hotels are demanding places in which to work but you don’t want your guests to see that. The broad range of environments within a hotel – lounges, dining rooms, conference suites, bars, guest bedrooms, swimming pools, gymnasia, kitchens and back offices – all present widely differing temperature control challenges. Changes in occupancy levels, a large event or meeting or seasonal increases in demand for your services, can all result in variations in the temperature conditions within the hotel. Even if you have fixed air conditioning in your hotel, it may not cover all areas and is likely to struggle to cope with a sudden increase in cooling demand. Andrews’ air conditioning hire range of portable air conditioners is designed to provide short term supplementary cooling at a surprisingly affordable price. Our units are quiet in operation and blend discreetly into the background, leaving your guests to notice the atmosphere, not the air-con.

In situations where greater cooling is required, such as in kitchens or conference facilities, our large capacity PAC22 and PAC60 units deliver significant volumes of cooled air reliably and energy efficiently. For more serious or prolonged situations, perhaps where an installed air conditioning system has failed and a complete repair may take some time, our range of rental water chillers are the ideal solution to get you up and running. These can either be used in conjunction with your own air handling system or a hired package of temporary chillers and air handlers. No matter what your hotel air conditioning problem is, it’s likely we’ve solved it before.

Restaurants & Bars

Everyone loves the atmosphere of a busy restaurant or bar – especially if you’re its owner or manager. But customers will soon be put off if the temperature is unbearable and they are likely to tell their friends to stay away too. The same is true for your staff. Bars, restaurants and kitchens can be stifling places to work in. So how can you fill your leisure venue without becoming a victim of your own success? Air conditioning is becoming an essential fixture for many bars and restaurants but permanently installed systems can be expensive and, unfortunately, unsuitable for certain locations. That’s where temporary air conditioning hire from Andrews could be your ideal solution. Our experts will assess your requirements, visiting your premises if necessary, to develop a tailored design that’s perfect for you

This process will allow us to understand exactly what you need, where it can be located and how much it’ll cost. We hold huge stocks of equipment at locations throughout the UK so you can be sure of a swift delivery and installation response when you need it. All our rental air conditioners are attractively designed, yet robust, reliable and easy to operate. We ensure we meet the most stringent health, safety and quality management standards and our equipment is energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. If you want a busy and successful restaurant or bar, we’re the people to have on your menu!

Case studies

Our range

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners

Our exhaust tube units feature revolutionary technology and can be operational within minutes via swift plug-and-play installation

Split Type Air Conditioners

Offering cooling capacities between 4kW and 17kW, our split type air conditioners have been designed for server rooms, data centres and offices

Evaporative Coolers

These units provide instant cooling via the transmission of a sea breeze effect and are commonly used in instances where an external source is unavailable.

Cooling Fans

Capable of producing air flows of up to 37,000m³/h, our cooling fans circulate clean, fresh air to provide subtle comfort cooling in any environment

Portable Humidifiers

Compact and reliable, our portable humidifier units add moisture to an indoor application and are operated by connecting to a traditional 3-pin power socket

High Performance Air Conditioners

With cooling capacities of up to 90kW, our high performance air conditioners are perfect for larger areas including factories, data centres and manufacturing facilities