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Our air conditioning hire products and services meet stringent health, safety and environmental criteria and our engineering teams work with you to ensure we co-ordinate seamlessly with your on-site processes. To discuss your current requirements or make a contingency plan for what could happen, contact us for a free, no-obligation site survey.

With ever-increasing levels of competition and ever-tighter margins, the manufacturing, production and processing industries are tough enough without the downtime and serious financial impacts caused by temperature control problems. And the clock is ticking. Every stalled production line, every wasted product, every minute lost, increases your costs and cuts your profits. Andrews Air Conditioning Hire has huge experience in keeping raw materials, products, people and essential processes cool. We ensure factory workers remain productive in summertime through spot cooling on the production line, deliver large-scale process cooling on manufacturing sites, and maintain the ideal environment for storage and warehousing.

In these times of lean manufacturing, just-in-time delivery and stringent quality control standards, even the smallest disruption to your production process can have huge implications. At Andrews Sykes we understand the needs of Process Managers and have the UK’s widest range of specialist cooling, ventilation and dehumidification rental equipment. Our huge hire fleet is strategically located at branches throughout the UK ready for immediate delivery. So if you need to improve the working environment for your vital staff, augment a critical process with large volumes of cooled air or supplement your installed systems with temporary back up during times of repair, upgrade or replacement, we are here to help. Our portable air conditioners, heavy duty ventilation fans, refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers and mobile industrial chillers are specially designed to be energy efficient and environmentally responsible. So if you think you may encounter production problems due to high temperatures, let us manufacture a solution for you.

Maintaining the quality and consistency of raw materials is a major headache for any manufacturer. Input materials, whether natural or intermediate components, can be sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. Unexpected variations in such raw materials can influence reaction times, processing consistency and final product quality. During times of varying ambient conditions the Andrews Sykes range of temporary air conditioners, air handlers and dehumidifiers is ideal for maintaining consistent storage conditions. In addition to manufacturing inputs, stocks of intermediate or finished products may also degrade if kept in inappropriate environmental conditions. Degradation leads to quality control rejection, higher wastage rates and missed production targets. Using our extensive rental expertise, we have helped improve the efficiency of clients as diverse as metal processors, chocolate manufacturers and electronics assemblers. So don’t allow unexpected environmental conditions to cost you time, money and frustration. Stay cool and take control of the temperature of your storage and warehousing facilities with a little help from Andrews Air Conditioning Hire.

Emergency Andrews Air Conditioning Hire keep country’s largest bookbinders in business
When one of the country’s largest bookbinders sought effective cooling equipment to bring temperatures down in their London factory, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in the hope that an immediate solution could be found. Our client was having trouble keeping temperatures down following a sustained period of seasonal heat, which, combined with the presence [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning provide cooling equipment for renowned coffee roasting company
A multi award-winning coffee roasting company in London recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of urgent cooling equipment to reduce temperatures in their warehouse. The client’s coffee roaster was giving off excessive heat within their facility which was causing staff to feel unusually warm whilst working. To rectify the issue, practical short-term air [...]
Andrews further extend range of high performance air conditioning units
At Andrews Air Conditioning, we are committed to satisfying customer demand and introducing new products that ensure our clients are covered in any eventuality. This pledge has seen us invest further in our popular HPAC range and enabled us to bring a third unit to market – the HPAC30. The HPAC90 and HPAC45 models have [...]
Andrews provide emergency cooling solution for plant room
When a major property maintenance company had been contracted to provide cooling for a plant room in London, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were required to ensure an immediate solution was provided. The plant room in question was experiencing high temperatures of 37°C during the summer months, meaning urgent action was necessary. In order to protect [...]
World famous confectionery company seek air conditioning hire
When a world famous confectionery company suffered air conditioning failure, an immediate solution was required to safeguard all storage rooms against the heat. Fortunately, our depot is situated just miles away from the client’s location, meaning replacement equipment was quickly delivered. Our client experienced an in-house cooling system breakdown in one of their storage rooms, [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning cool healthcare facility kitchen
In a healthcare environment, where people are already unwell, it is absolutely imperative that patients’ food is stored correctly to prevent them suffering any further illness. Rising temperatures in Scotland had caused an Edinburgh hospital some difficulties in this regard, and so emergency cooling equipment was needed to ensure frozen goods remained safe for consumption. [...]
Cooling hire for CD production line
In the manufacturing industry especially, effective climate control can help maximise your output by keeping staff comfortable at all times. A company’s income is wholly dependent on schedules and targets being adhered to, so when excessive temperatures threaten to jeopardise this, Andrews Air Conditioning are on hand to assist you. With depots located nationwide, we [...]
Staff cooled for snack manufacturer
The manufacturing and industrial sector are one of the hardest sectors to work in when the climate reaches a hot temperature. Staff working on production lines and other machinery are already heated by the electronic equipment, not to mention the scorcher outside. When this occurs productivity is lowered considerably and the working environment becomes stuffy and demotivating. This was the case [...]
Healthcare production line kept cool
An international pharmaceutical company headquartered in London required a cooling solution for staff on their production line. They called Andrews Air Conditioning and within hours a site survey was completed. This organisation employs 100,000 people worldwide therefore it is vital staff are kept comfortable. The healthcare industry is worth billions of pounds consequently it is [...]
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