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In the world of sports and leisure, ensuring the comfort and safety of athletes and patrons is paramount. Air conditioning, chillers, heating, boilers, and ventilation equipment supplied by Andrews Sykes play crucial roles in maintaining ideal conditions within gyms, leisure centres, ice rinks, and other sports facilities.

Air Conditioning for Leisure Centres

Leisure centres provide a space for fitness enthusiasts to work towards their goals. Maintaining a suitable temperature is essential to ensure everyone can exercise comfortably. In these environments, temporary air conditioning systems are invaluable. These systems not only keep temperatures in check but also prevent issues like fatigue and heat-related discomfort. Our expertise in creating bespoke cooling packages tailored to the specific needs of leisure centres is unparalleled.

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Cooling Solutions for Gymnasiums

In gyms, having the right air conditioning is essential. It prevents athletes from overheating and suffering from dehydration or heat exhaustion during workouts. Maintaining a stable temperature also helps in tracking performance improvements over time. However, striking the perfect balance is crucial, as excessively cool temperatures can increase the risk of injuries if individuals haven’t warmed up properly. Additionally, air conditioning aids in regulating humidity levels, which is especially important in large and crowded gyms during the summer months.

Chillers for Ice Rinks

Ice rinks, whether temporary or permanent, rely on efficient chillers to maintain their icy surfaces. Andrews specializes in providing energy-efficient chillers for ice rinks across the UK and Europe. We understand the importance of these systems for both maintaining permanent rinks and creating temporary ones. With our expert technicians and comprehensive services, we offer tailored solutions for ice rink cooling needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in emergencies.

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Ventilation for Clean and Fresh Air

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining indoor air quality in gyms, leisure facilities, and health clubs. It works in conjunction with air conditioning to provide clean, fresh, and cool air while eliminating odours. Andrews offers high-capacity ventilation solutions, including ASF fans and air cleaners, to ensure a safe and comfortable exercise environment.

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As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we provide the best pumping, heating and cooling solutions for every conceivable need, location and application. Our aim is to help our customers address the real-life challenges they face – whether planned or emergency – in the quickest, most professional and cost-effective ways. We pride ourselves on offering the safest, most reliable equipment sourced from the world’s top manufacturers.

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Nationwide coverage
Our expansive depot network ensures our clients benefit from genuine nationwide coverage, meaning even the most remote locations can be accommodated with minimal fuss.
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With engineers and operations teams on standby at all times, we are able to guarantee equipment is delivered efficiently and promptly.
24-Hour Service
As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 24-hour nationwide coverage including a dedicated out-of-hours service that operates 365 days a year.
Worldwide Locations
Andrews Sykes has a global presence, boasting an extensive network of offices and branches in numerous countries across the world.

Heating Solutions for Sports and Leisure

When it comes to heating, Andrews is the go-to choice for sports clubs throughout the UK. We provide portable heaters for defrosting sports pitches during severe weather, ensuring that fixtures go ahead as scheduled. With our extensive range of heating units and 24/7 emergency service, we guarantee a cost-effective solution for all temperature control requirements in sports and leisure settings.


Boilers for Hot Water and Heating

Boilers are essential for providing hot water and heating in sports and leisure facilities. Andrews Boilers, the UK’s largest supplier of boilers, offers a wide range of units and accessories, including electric, gas oil, and natural gas-fired boilers. We pride ourselves on responding within four hours of initial contact, ensuring minimal downtime in the case of boiler failures. Our expertise in tailoring replacement systems to precise specifications makes us a trusted partner in the industry.

With our wealth of experience and comprehensive range of services and equipment, remains a trusted partner in meeting the unique needs of the sport & leisure industry. Whether it’s keeping athletes cool, ice rinks frozen, or patrons comfortable, Andrews Sykes is the name to rely on in the world of sports and leisure.

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