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As the healthcare sector prioritizes patient well-being, it is imperative to maintain optimal conditions within hospitals, surgeries, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The provision of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and ensuring superior air quality play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Andrews Sykes excel in offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of healthcare settings.

Cooling Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare

Andrews Air Conditioning recognizes the critical importance of maintaining a comfortable environment for patients. Excessive heat can extend recovery periods and promote the rapid spread of infections. Thus, robust, precise, and reliable air conditioning systems are essential. Andrews Air Conditioning stands out as a trusted and approved provider of portable air conditioning hire for healthcare facilities across the UK. Their comprehensive range of rental equipment ensures clean, cost-effective cooling and emergency backup. Their swift response, delivering equipment within four hours anywhere in the country, is a testament to their commitment to healthcare sector needs.

Find out more about our Air Conditioning solutions for Healthcare.

Find out more about our Cooling solutions for Healthcare.


Solutions for Surgeries & Health Centres

Doctor’s surgeries, health centres, and clinics must provide a soothing environment for patients, especially for the elderly and infirm. Andrews Air Conditioning’s modular equipment is flexible and ideal for various healthcare applications. They emphasize the importance of adhering to stringent health and safety regulations, ensuring effective temperature control to boost patient and staff morale. Swift response and effective cooling solutions reinforce the quality of care provided.


Chillers: Tailored Cooling for Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, laboratories, and medical workshops often require precise temperature control. Andrews offers an array of energy-efficient cooling solutions for different healthcare environments. Their comprehensive service includes 24/7 technical support, ensuring uninterrupted operations in critical areas like MRI rooms, laboratories, and patient care areas.

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As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we provide the best pumping, heating and cooling solutions for every conceivable need, location and application. Our aim is to help our customers address the real-life challenges they face – whether planned or emergency – in the quickest, most professional and cost-effective ways. We pride ourselves on offering the safest, most reliable equipment sourced from the world’s top manufacturers.

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Nationwide coverage
Our expansive depot network ensures our clients benefit from genuine nationwide coverage, meaning even the most remote locations can be accommodated with minimal fuss.
Same & Next Day Delivery
With engineers and operations teams on standby at all times, we are able to guarantee equipment is delivered efficiently and promptly.
24-Hour Service
As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 24-hour nationwide coverage including a dedicated out-of-hours service that operates 365 days a year.
Worldwide Locations
Andrews Sykes has a global presence, boasting an extensive network of offices and branches in numerous countries across the world.

Heating Solutions in Healthcare

Heating is equally crucial in healthcare settings, particularly for the elderly and young patients. Andrews Heat for Hire specializes in providing temporary heating units that cater to various healthcare requirements. They offer a 24/7 service, ensuring prompt response to heating emergencies in hospitals, care homes, and clinics.


Boilers: Reliable Heating for Hospitals

Andrews’ expertise extends to supplying temporary and replacement boilers to the healthcare industry. Their strategic depot network ensures quick response times, and their units are regularly serviced and safety checked, guaranteeing reliable heating and hot water supply for healthcare facilities.

Ventilation for Health Facilities

Efficient ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment in healthcare settings. Andrews understands the need for clean, filtered, and fresh air while removing stale, humid, and polluted air. Proper ventilation helps reduce the transmission of respiratory diseases and is especially critical in settings like wards and operating theatres.


Air Quality Control in Healthcare

Ensuring high air quality is vital for patient safety. Poor air quality can have adverse effects on health, leading to increased risks of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Andrews provides air purification systems that can reduce the rate of invasive diseases by up to 50%, making them invaluable in healthcare settings

Andrews Sykes offers comprehensive solutions to address the unique needs of healthcare facilities. Our expertise in cooling, heating, ventilation, and air quality control ensures that patients receive the utmost comfort and safety while healthcare professionals can operate in optimal conditions. With a commitment to prompt service and tailored solutions, Andrews Sykes is a reliable partner for the healthcare sector’s environmental control needs.

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