The sectors we serve

We have experience and expertise across a wide variety of sectors so can help you get the job done right.


We understand that effective temperature control is pivotal to the agriculture industry’s productivity and success.


Our expertise in pumps, chillers, heating, and boilers ensure that your construction projects remain on schedule.

Facilities Management

We help facilities managers keep their environments comfortable and functional all year round.

Film and TV

Cooling, heating and pumping solutions to ensure the success of your production.


Andrews Sykes excel in offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of healthcare settings.

Hospitality & Events

Andrews Sykes is your one-stop solution for all temperature control and ventilation needs in the hospitality and events sector.


Our unparalleled expertise and product range make us the go-to providers for the industrial sector.


Our expertise and commitment to minimizing downtime make us invaluable partners to the manufacturing industry.

Public Sector & Government

Andrews Sykes are trusted partners for the public sector and government agencies, offering a wide array of solutions.


Our solutions are designed to ensure your customers have a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.

Sport & Leisure

Whether it’s keeping athletes cool, ice rinks frozen, or patrons comfortable, you can rely on us.

Our expertise

How we can help you

1 Diagnose the problem

A short conversation with one of our specialists at Andrews Sykes allows us to understand your problem and set you at ease.

2 Work out the details

After diagnosing, we’ll work collaboratively to understand your specific technical requirements so you can hire the exact equipment you need.

3 Hire and deliver

From here, our specialists will oversee all aspects of your agreement including delivery, installation, any necessary maintenance, and collection.

Why choose Andrews Sykes

Choose us for unparalleled expertise and exceptional service.
Nationwide coverage
Our expansive depot network ensures our clients benefit from genuine nationwide coverage, meaning even the most remote locations can be accommodated with minimal fuss.
Same & Next Day Delivery
With engineers and operations teams on standby at all times, we are able to guarantee equipment is delivered efficiently and promptly.
24-Hour Service
As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 24-hour nationwide coverage including a dedicated out-of-hours service that operates 365 days a year.
Worldwide Locations
Andrews Sykes has a global presence, boasting an extensive network of offices and branches in numerous countries across the world.

Hire categories

Explore our hire categories

Explore our diverse range of hire categories to discover even more options for your needs.