Case Study

World-famous research facility seek short-term drying solution

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted by a leading research facility in London, who sought an urgent drying solution to assist them with the severe condensation in their plant room.

The client had become concerned about condensation building up in their plant room as it was putting their technical equipment at risk of damage. As a result, our specialist team were drafted in to conduct a survey of the site before suggesting an effective dehumidification hire solution to combat the undesirable conditions.

Our specialists decided the best course of action would be to deploy and install three FD40 refrigerant dehumidifiers along with condensate pumps, which they positioned inside the affected area to effectively speed up the drying process.

Once operational, our equipment ensured a stable environment was constantly maintained with a significant reduction of moisture in the air. Without this dehumidifier hire package, our client could not have dried out the plant room, which would have eventually led to their sensitive monitoring equipment breaking down.

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