Case Study

World-famous London tourist attraction kept operational by Andrews

As one of the country’s most frequently visited tourist spots, the Tower of London’s climate control arrangements face much scrutiny should customers complain about its perceived ineffectiveness. So when a new chiller system was installed on site before seasonal temperatures could dramatically rise, it was of paramount importance that the unit was subjected to a thorough heat load test.

Approximately 80kW of heat was needed to ascertain whether the chiller was ready to be commissioned, meaning some temporary equipment was sourced to facilitate the assessment being carried out.

We supplied two DE190 electrical heaters based on the calculations received, and between them these had a potential heating duty of 84kW – ideal in this case.

Due to the number of third party contractors also working on this project, it was vital that strict deadlines were met both before and after completion. Our client had already put the job back a few weeks previously, after being let down by other service providers, and as a result had become heavily reliant on us second time round.

A local Andrews Sykes specialist was present on site throughout the entire assignment which was subsequently completed within the designated timeframe.

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