Case Study

World famous confectionery company seek air conditioning hire

When a world famous confectionery company suffered air conditioning failure, an immediate solution was required to safeguard all storage rooms against the heat. Fortunately, our depot is situated just miles away from the client’s location, meaning replacement equipment was quickly delivered.

Our client experienced an in-house cooling system breakdown in one of their storage rooms, where all confectionery is kept prior to packaging. The room in question must be kept below a maximum target temperature of 21 °C, meaning swift action was required to avoid any interruption to production. 

Following an assessment by one of our specialists, it was decided that three of our PAC22 temporary air condition units would be distributed, to ensure temperatures could remain below the desired 21°C.

This short-term cooling solution was effective in combating the store rooms unfavourable conditions, while allowing the customer’s on-site equipment to be repaired without production coming to a halt at any stage.

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