Case Study

Wiltshire-based demolition contractor requires pumps for dust suppression

Although perhaps most commonly associated with irrigation, water transfer and sewage movement, pumps can also be used on other specialist assignments including dust suppression applications. In such scenarios, liquid can prove particularly effective in capturing airborne particles and cause them to fall downwards rather than disperse into the open air.

A leading demolition contractor recently approached Sykes Pumps in the hope that we could help convert fire hoses into a dust suppression system while several derelict buildings were razed.

Our assistance was primarily needed to alleviate health and safety concerns, minimise any environmental impact and increase productivity on the job itself. The client was specifically looking for high pressure pumps to provide atomised misting which would then create a water curtain, thus stopping the presence of dust becoming dangerous or problematic.

From the initial conversation, our regional expert already had a reasonably accurate impression of the requirements prior to a site survey being conducted. Once this had been completed, we adapted two of our HP100 jetting pumps which allowed them to be connected to fire pumps on site.

Manufactured with this type of application in mind, our HP100 pumps were very well received by the customer who expressed satisfaction at their performance and reliability.

Thanks to our solution, we were able to ensure the area was cleaner and significantly improve visibility for those working in the area. This not only meant that our client’s team could conduct demolition tasks more safely but also helped reduce the risk of harmful particles being inhaled by people in the immediate vicinity.