Case Study

What happened in Europe this month? – Valentine’s Edition



It’s the season of love, but we know that not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. In some instances, self-care and personal growth must take priority. We’ve taken this somewhat literally in Belgium, with our progress in the region recently extending to opening a third depot in the country.

Our new property in Kortrijk gives us a wonderful platform from which to serve customers in the west of Belgium – as well as northern France – and we’re very confident that we’ll be able to make defining connections with a number of customers based in this expansive region. Love at first sight, or love at first site?



Staying on the romance theme, it seems very appropriate to mention our involvement in one of France’s most eagerly anticipated ongoing infrastructural developments. Our engineers have been particularly busy in Paris, which, as we all know, is widely referred to as the city of love. And things are hotting up on the Paris Metro Line 15, which, quite fittingly, is being expanded to improve transport links in the heart of the city.

With tunnels being drilled and frozen to temperatures as low as -30C to ensure the ground above is stabilised, Andrews Climat Location has been tasked with providing a localised heat source to keep construction workers warm. Our electric DE190s have been serving this purpose for the last few weeks, and we look forward to being involved in similar projects in the weeks and months to come.



Our Italian colleagues are known to be fond of fashion, and it would be fair to say that Nolo Climat has become heavily involved with these niche events over the past 12 months. During the recent Milano Moda Uomo fashion shows, a well-known clothing brand entrusted us with heating its chief location – which just so happens to be one of the most popular spaces in the capital.

After evaluating the customer’s needs – including the different environments – they opted for the installation of more than 30 electric and diesel heating units. These events are notoriously labour intensive, but the dedication of our team in Italy was on show for all to see! Another successful outcome, and we’re quietly confident that it won’t be the last one this year!



Nothing says ‘unity’ quite like two strands of a business pulling in the same to achieve a common goal. As a close-knit team, our European branches have always been willing to help one other whenever necessary. You could even go as far as saying that, on occasion, Andrews Sykes plays the role of Cupid perfectly.

A general contractor of the world’s largest particle physics laboratory initially contacted our Milan branch to request temporary boilers. Although the delivery was intended for Geneva, our Swiss comrades had to source the equipment from Nolo Climat as their entire fleet of 36kW boilers was already out on hire. This project demonstrated the art of collaboration, as well as the benefits of our international presence, which ultimately allowed the client to get what they needed.


The UK

Love has been a hot topic of conversation this week, and we’ve been spreading it to our local communities in the UK, too. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is one of our main priorities this year – in addition to maintaining our high standards of service, of course! We started the year off on a positive note, by continuing to nurture our ongoing relationship with the Aaron Lewis Foundation, while cultivating a new one with the WSUP charity. In late 2022, we pledged to make a Christmas donation of £5,000 to each and are very proud to support these wonderful initiatives. It goes without saying that we are delighted to play a small part in enabling both charities to spread love and make a positive impact on people’s lives.