Case Study

Waste food recycling plant seeks heating solution

By naturally breaking down organic materials into methane and carbon dioxide, biodegradable waste can be converted into fuels. And with demand for new anaerobic plants on the rise in the UK, there has been a subsequent surge in the number of this kind of facility.

Andrews Boilers was contacted when a newly-constructed anaerobic centre was set to open in the Hertfordshire area. We were asked to provide a reliable heating solution in order to create conditions necessary to initiate the overall process.

An oil-powered 500KW boiler was deemed suitable for the application, and sited next to the existing boiler house. Having conducted a thorough survey of the area at the request of our client, an Andrews Boiler technician ascertained that this unit would be adequate in generating the desired temperatures.

Once installation was complete, the equipment ensured digesters could be kept at the mandatory 38°C required for the development to operate efficiently.

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