Case Study

University building seeks Andrews Boiler Hire

According to regulatory guidelines, educational authorities have a duty to ensure that student campus areas and learning facilities meet a minimum temperature requirement of 18⁰C. This is said to be the optimal temperature to support studying, as set out in the Education School Premises Regulations standards. Failure to meet these requirements can impact both students and lecturers, with energy and concentration levels potentially affected if conditions aren’t closely controlled.

So, when a university in Bedfordshire encountered a crippling boiler failure resulting in a complete loss of heating and hot water in one of their buildings, a replacement was immediately required. The area in question is constantly in use throughout the day, meaning a temporary boiler hire unit was needed urgently to ensure classrooms and IT suites could remain operational.

Having used our services previously, the facilities manager responsible for sourcing climate control equipment contacted Andrews Boiler Hire and asked us to provide a solution in as quick a timeframe as possible. Following a site survey, our specialist decided that the installation of a 300kW boiler would provide the required duty for the application in question.

This was accompanied by all necessary accessories including hoses, fittings and a fuel tank. Our unit was installed outside the building, with hoses fed directly into the university’s plant room to connect to their system. Thanks to our swift response, the client was able to keep the building open and avoid having to cancel lectures and classes despite suffering an untimely breakdown. Our boiler remained on hire for a total of four weeks and was only decommissioned after the client had completed the repair of their original unit.


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