Case Study

Temporary server room keeps museum open during refurbishment scheme

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we regularly provide cooling solutions to clients looking to protect their data centres and telecoms facilities. We are therefore exceptionally well-placed to recommend equipment designed to maintain the optimum temperature and thus prevent such applications succumbing to downtime.

This expertise was recently demonstrated when a prominent London museum approached us seeking a temporary air conditioning system for a server room conversion. An extensive renovation project included the removal of asbestos from the ceiling of the original server room, meaning the equipment contained within would have to be relocated.

It was therefore our obligation to ensure conditions in a separate area of the building were suitable for temperamental electronics to be stored inside. An Andrews engineer was sent to conduct a site survey and recommend an appropriate air conditioning hire arrangement off the back of his findings.

Three PAC 22 split-type units were subsequently selected for deployment and deemed perfect in this scenario because of their low power consumption and 6.5kW nominal cooling duty. These specifications were particularly important because of the need for the units to remain operational 24 hours a day.

It was estimated by the facilities manager that our products would be required until the development was complete – a period of up to six months.  Early reports confirm the complete effectiveness of our proposed solution which has kept server hardware constantly online.

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