Case Study

Temporary chiller hire keeps factory operational following temperature surge

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently drafted in to assist a global defence contractor after receiving an urgent enquiry for temporary cooling to restore conditions within their factory.

With summer temperatures soaring, our client was struggling to maintain a comfortable environment inside their machining workshops, causing production to grind to a halt for safety reasons. Usually operating 24 hours a day, the mechanical jigs were actually warping due to the heat and so addressing the problem quickly was of critical importance.

Following an assessment by a qualified engineer, our solution was to provide a chiller hire package comprising of a 400kW fluid chiller and three 150kW air handling units. It was felt this course of action would adequately reduce temperatures within the application and ensure that large volumes of cold air were distributed evenly throughout.

This temporary chiller system was crucial in helping to overcome the heat loads generated which, combined with high seasonal temperatures, had contrived to bring the contractor to a complete standstill. Thanks to the response of our engineers, and the high capacity cooling arrangement we installed, the factory’s machining workshops were back online within hours of us first being approached.

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