Case Study

Telecoms provider seeks server room cooling

In recent years, companies delivering broadband and telephony services have become increasingly reliant upon modern hardware and operational technology. Of this, electronic servers are arguably the most important component and perform the requests of numerous programmes within any given organisation.

So when these are at risk of overheating, cooling equipment is immediately required to ensure vital computers remain online. One of Europe’s largest telecommunications businesses was faced with this possibility at its Berkshire-based data centre, meaning an instant solution was needed.

After receiving an enquiry late in the evening, we proposed a suitable hire package after analysing the clients’ particular circumstances. A 200kW fluid chiller was therefore deployed in the main car park, and this was connected to seven 30kW air handlers located evenly throughout the targeted area.

This arrangement proved more than adequate and ensured high volumes of cool air was circulated throughout the data room. Our customer was therefore delighted with our quick response which enabled all factions of their day-to-day running to continue unrestricted.

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