Case Study

Telecommunications provider kept online by Andrews Heat for Hire

When a central London office complex was left without heating over the Christmas period following boiler failure, the facilities manager in charge of the building was under pressure to source some replacement equipment. Most companies are closed for business during the festive season, which can make it extremely difficult for plant hire solutions to be sourced and installed when requirements surface. Fortunately for our client, Andrews Heat for Hire remained operational throughout and was on hand to visit the affected site less than two hours after contact was made.

The company in question was responsible for operating internet and phone connections throughout the local area and could not afford downtime or a walkout by staff.  A temporary heating arrangement was therefore urgently required to keep a sizeable working space warm during a potentially disruptive period.

Having hired air conditioning to the client on previous occasions, they were confident that we could handle an emergency heating enquiry within a four-hour timeframe. A local specialist was then sent to the premises to conduct an assessment before recommending a heater hire package comprising of approximately 50 DE25 electric units.

These were delivered the very next day between Christmas and New Year, when many of our competitors were closed. Our units remained on hire for a number of weeks while repairs were carried out, and the customer was so impressed with their effectiveness that they indicated we would remain the first point of contact should similar situations arise in the future.

Unlike many other rental companies, Andrews provide a genuine 24/7 service with engineers constantly on standby at all times of the year.

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