Case Study

Tailored chiller hire preserves fruit for UK’s largest farming and dairy company

When rising summer temperatures left one of the UK’s largest farming and dairy companies exposed to the risk of losing all of their fruit produce, Andrews Chiller Hire were contacted and asked to resolve the issue immediately.

A local Andrews technician visited the premises to conduct a site survey and recommended an appropriate chiller hire solution off the back of his findings. It was decided that three 100kW fluid chillers and air handling units would provide the required cooling duty to salvage our customer’s hand-picked fruits.

The units were positioned outside the warehouses being used to store the organic produce, with two air handling units being strategically placed in each of the storerooms to ensure that a constant flow of cool air reached the most affected areas.

The short-term cooling solution worked perfectly while seasonal temperatures were high, ensuring all fruit was kept unspoiled. Our client was extremely satisfied with our practical solution, indicating that this would be a recurring job for the next few years.

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