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Sykes Pumps launch new Hydraset range

As the UK’s largest pump hire company, Sykes Pumps are constantly looking to enhance and modernise their extensive range of equipment. A new product – the Sykes Hydraset – is now available for hire and will help clients streamline projects without raising energy costs. This latest innovation comprises of a Sykes Hydrapak, a Sykes Hydrapump and a Sykes Hydrahose set and provides an alternative solution for when suction lift requirements exceed nine metres.

The Hydrapak includes both 100mm and 150mm models and these have been designed with construction, marine, industrial and waste water projects in mind. The units are suitable for heads of up to 46m and offer maximum flow rates of 95l/s, underlining their versatility.

Each pump can be easily manoeuvred into position using the site trailer or, if required, forklifted or craned into place. The Sykes Hydraset offers an effective substitute to conventional diesel driven models and comes complete with different pump end options for sewage and drainage applications.

The semi-silenced engine which drives the hydraulic system enables quiet operation, making it ideal for assignments carried out during night time. Because the pump produces its own power, it is well-suited to isolated areas where an alternative source is unavailable.

Sykes Pumps sales director, Chris Graham, explains: Because hydraulic submersible pumps are often used in remote and inaccessible locations, fuel economy, low maintenance, efficiency and service life are all important considerations. The new Sykes Hydraset range will ensure a safe, flexible and hard-wearing solution capable of addressing exacting site requirements across a broad range of sectors.”

For more information, please speak to a member of our expert contact team by calling 0800 211 611, where you can discuss your precise requirements in more detail.

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