Case Study

Sykes Pumps remove floodwater from landfill site

Generally considered to be the most cost-efficient method of disposing waste, landfill burial remains extremely common throughout the UK, despite the emergence of alternative processes including anaerobic digestion and waste-to-energy incineration. However, climatic factors – particularly heavy rainfall – can seriously affect such sites and slow productivity if not addressed quickly.

At Sykes Pumps, we have a wealth of experience working in such environments and as such have developed an unrivalled understanding of their particular requirements. One of our major clients in this field is based in the South East and has been hiring pumping equipment from us for several years.

An unexpectedly wet winter at the beginning of 2015 had flooded much of their site, so  they got in contact with us seeking an immediate solution in a bid to combat the issue. Our response was to propose a flexible hire arrangement which consisted of both submersible and diesel driven units.

These were delivered to our customer’s location in Kent within 48 hours of the initial enquiry being received and made fully operational later that day. By removing vast quantities of water from the surface, we helped a large energy resource company to return to full functionality – something that might otherwise have taken months.

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