Case Study

Sykes Pumps provides water to FIA World Rally Championship

Sykes Pumps was recently contacted by the organisers of motor racing’s premier events and asked to provide support for a major meeting in Cheshire as part of the Wales Rally GB. Returning to Oulton Park for the first time since 1993the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) were putting on a special event showcasing classic British rally cars.

The client required our assistance with regards to creating a water splash for part of the circuit, necessitating the use of a pump with a very specific feature set. While a rally track consists of many bumps, ramps and uneven terrain, the focus of this particular stage was the water splash. These pits tend to be 10cm20cm in depth, around 18 meters in length and are constructed to challenge the build of the car as well as the driver’s skill in coping with slippery surfaces.

As the pump would remain operational throughout the duration of the event, a unit designed for silence, durability, and continuous use was required. The customer stressed the importance of using a quiet pump to ensure that racegoers got an authentic experience, which included being able to hear the car engines and spectators. Other stipulations included deploying a pump with good fuel economy as it would be running continuously once the event started. Due to these requirements, our local engineer had to make some key considerations when analysing the area before proposing the best solution.

Designed specifically for low noise operation, the recently launched Super Wispaset 80 eco is housed in an acoustic canopy to restrict noise pollution and provide an unobtrusive pump hire package. Sited close to the track, our pump transferred water from a nearby stream and maintained flows to ensure the flood effect was of the desired depth.

The pump’s compact size ensured there was no intrusion and facilitated simple installation the minute it arrived at the location. As the system was installed three days in advance, sufficient time was had to ensure everything was running smoothly and make any necessary adaptions required once running tests had been completed.

By advocating the use of our Super Wispaset 80 eco, we were able to implement a practical solution for an unusual application and tick every box requested by the customer. We were careful not to provide a large and potentially obtrusive pump, opting for a more subtle compact unit that could sit inconspicuously within its surroundings. Flow capabilities of up to 36 litres per second were ideal in this instance, delivering a perfect amount of water for a distinctive race track feature.

The pump also consumes less than two litres of fuel per hour even when operating at full capacity, satisfying the demand for a product that would perform economically. With running costs curbed, silent functionality assured and footprint minimised, the client was delighted with our recommended solution which allowed a popular attraction to enthral thousands of visitors seamlessly at one of British motorsport’s most eagerly watched competitions.

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