Case Study

Sykes Pumps provides emergency pumping solution for house building contractor

At Sykes Pumps, we’re used to receiving last-minute callouts. Our ability to handle projects at short notice is the reason so many customers know they can rely on us when things go wrong. So, when East Sussex based house-building contractor required us to supply an urgent pumping rental scheme, they contacted us at the eleventh hour.

The customer in question was about to close its site for the Christmas period when a situation arose that required immediate attention.

Sykes Pumps was asked to provide equipment to prevent water levels from rising too high during an excavation job. The ramifications of failing to address the issue included the possibility of nearby residents suffering flooding. It was therefore essential that we moved quickly!

Due to the location of the job, it was made clear to us that any pump used would need to be quiet in operation. For this reason, we proposed the hire of a 4” super-silenced pump which could handle the required flow capacities whilst only emitting low noise.

Our pump was accompanied by a 1000-litre fuel tank and automatic float control, which meant the system would only start up if water levels began to exceed pre-set levels. The solution was provided within hours of contact despite the small timeframe available, and was commissioned before the site’s ten-day closure.

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