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Sykes Pumps launches new Minivac eco pump

As the UK’s leading pump hire specialist, Sykes Pumps has invested in developing the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient addition to its range – the Minivac eco pump.

Billed as the ‘small pump with big pump features’, the Minivac eco is one of the few in its class to offer fully automatic self-priming. As a result, it provides a quick, simple and highly manoeuvrable first response pump for a variety of applications across a number of sectors including construction, civil engineering, utilities, industrial, marine, rail and leisure.

Quieter, more compact and more efficient than its competitors in the market, the Sykes Minivac eco provides end users with fuel savings of up to 50 per cent – equating to up to £15/day at current fuel prices.

The pump’s performance belies its low running costs however, with a 2,500 rpm running speed delivering heads of up to 28 metres and a maximum flow rate of 15 litres per second.

The Minivac eco is very versatile, with solids handling capabilities of 28mm spherical and eight hours of running time on a single standard fuel tank (further extension of running capacity is possible with a fuel buggy).

Development of the pump follows advances in technology, which have enabled Sykes Pumps to build excellent pump performance into a unit that is 20kg lighter than previous models at just 168 kg (dry weight) or 180kg with fuel.

The Minivac eco’s features and benefits have been designed to meet customers’ needs based on extensive market research and customer surveys conducted by Sykes Pumps. They include:

–          Fuel consumption savings of up to 50 per cent

–          Sykes Pumps’ Vacuum Priming System  to provide automatic self-priming from dry

–          Reduced noise for built up areas (up to 10 dBa lower than previous models)

–          Lower exhaust emissions in compliance with the latest EU standards

–          Lightweight chassis making it easier to move on all terrain with two-wheeled, solid-tyre site trailer

–          28 m  maximum head

–          15 l/s maximum flow rate

–          28 mm spherical solids handling

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The Minivac eco retains all the great features that our customers love about the Sykes Pumps range while raising the bar for the pump hire sector in terms of emissions, fuel efficiency, noise, ease of use and performance.

“We believe it is the most robust, compact and cost effective entry level pump on the market and have already invested in 20 units to add to our hire fleet, with further units planned for both rental and sales customers.”

For more information on the Minivac eco or any other product from our pump range, please speak to a member of our expert contact team today by calling 0800 211 611.

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