Case Study

Sykes Pumps provide pump hire equipment for old Sykes House site

When a well-known construction company had issues keeping a site in South London dry following a sustained downpour, they contacted our pump specialists in search of an effective pumping solution.

The site in question was bought by Henry Sykes Ltd in 1928 and was the home of our head office for many years until its relocation to Wolverhampton. It is situated just a few hundred yards from our flagship depot in Charlton but now looks almost unrecognisable when compared with the area we once occupied.

Following a site survey, it was decided that the client would need a super silent pump hire arrangement capable of operating quietly due to its close proximity to busy residential and commercial properties.

As a result, our experts recommended the deployment of a Super Wispaset 150 super silenced pump along with a combination of 6m poly hoses and 3m wire armoured hoses for ease of installation.

The work was carried out successfully thanks to our temporary pumping solution. Our pump hire arrangement also ensured that the affected area remained dry so that the client could seal the space and prevent any future water issues on site.

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