Case Study

Sykes Pumps help alleviate traffic on busy A road

As the UK’s leading pump hire specialist, we are providing a wide range of units to manage the water table of a major excavation site in Coventry. A thorough investigation by an independent traffic information provider concluded that Tollbar Island in the East Midlands region is widely recognised as being among the worst blackspots in the country – hence a desire to improve it.

The findings resulted in a three-year programme being put in place, with a new traffic interchange on the A45 set to be constructed as part of a plan to reduce congestion.

Sykes Pumps have been heavily involved in the development since it commenced in 2013, enabling engineers on site to redirect water via an advanced overpumping scheme. The next phase involves digging underground to erect an underpass, with a 6” Diesel Wispaset and a 3” GP80 General Purpose unit working concurrently to expedite this process.

Our pumps were used to control the water table at this juncture but we also have a responsibility to respond immediately should supplementary equipment become necessary e.g. following heavy rain.

Alan Jones, who is overseeing the assignment on behalf of GallifordTry, said: “The Tollbar Island scheme is among the most complex and significant road improvement schemes taking place in the UK and we need to ensure that we deliver the project on time to address increasingly severe congestion in the area.

“Sykes Pumps has been extremely flexible in working with us, adjusting the pumps supplied to meet the changing needs of the project as it progresses.”

If all goes to plan the venture should be completed around autumn 2016, with the excavation expected to take several more months. Our team continue to make regular contact with the site operators to ensure that maintenance is carried out whenever necessary, with future requirements frequently considered so any changes can be implemented instantly.

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