Case Study

Sykes Pumps dewater site ahead of road construction scheme

As part of a major development in the Maidenhead area of Berkshire, local authorities have authorised the construction of a new road and bridge to help moderate vehicle traffic in the locality. Prior to work commencing, a large industrial site had only one access point which had gradually led to an increase in congestion during peak periods.

This scheme also included the installation of a concrete culvert beneath the road surface, allowing an adequate passage for passing water. A high water table present in the bedrock threatened to stall this stage of the process however, necessitating the contractor to seek external assistance from groundwater specialists Sykes Pumps.

Our response was to propose the hire of three 6” super-silenced diesel units which could operate quietly within a densely-populated neighbourhood. We also provided the required accessories, including hosing and settlement tanks to facilitate the removal of slurry and other solids.

The equipment was used constantly for around four weeks and was only offhired once water had been discharged into a nearby lagoon. This solution worked perfectly in accelerating a tricky building project and underlined our ability to meet client objectives whilst also complying with the local Environment Agency’s instructions. The completed overpass is due to open early in 2016 and will ensure a greater flow of traffic around Maidenhead and surrounding towns.

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