Case Study

Sykes Pumps develop new environmentally friendly silt separation system

In the majority of cases, water pollution is caused by the presence and prolonged build-up of sediment, silt and other abrasives which puts mounting pressure on our clients to ensure discharged water is as silt free as it can be before being reintroduced to a natural watercourse.

Increasing requirements for companies to take their ecological obligations seriously has led to Sykes Pumps adding a new environmentally friendly product to our extensive hire fleet – the Sykes Silt Away.

By deploying a Silt Away unit on site, customers can be confident of avoiding substantial fines and adverse publicity, as well as suffering enforced closures. In recent months, a number of organisations have been hit with hefty financial penalties for not taking sufficient precautions – including a major housebuilder who was fined a six-figure amount for negligent practice.

The unit has been designed for use in conjunction with the Sykes range of 6” pumps (150mm). As water is pumped through the Silt Away, it is filtered allowing the sediment and solids to be collected and contained within the unit. In heavily contaminated situations, customers can connect two Sykes Silt Away units in series to ensure that the discharge is successfully cleansed.

The implications of failing to observe environmental regulations are far-reaching and range from damaging natural habitats, killing wildlife and even blocking sewers and rivers. It is  of huge importance that projects are completed within designated timeframes, but without compromising the safety of any given location.

Features and benefits include:

– Effective separation of suspended solids

– A robust, compact steel structure for maximum strength and durability

– Low-level inlet and outlet connections for safe, easy use

– Large capacity for applications where high flow is required

– Designed for safe transportation to and from site

– Innovative cleaning, sampling and emptying features

Speaking prior to the unveiling, Sykes Pumps sales director Chris Graham, said: “From listening to customers, we have designed a product that is both safe and easy to operate. Features like a hinged discharge chamber opening and dedicated flushing points facilitates easy emptying and cleaning.

“We have reacted to growing market demand for efficient environmental equipment by developing the new Silt Away, which has now been added to our extensive fleet for immediate availability.”

For more information on the Sykes Silt Away or any other product from our pump hire fleet, call on 0800 211 611 to speak to an expert from our professional contact centre.

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