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Sykes Pumps cut emergency reaction times with new innovation

Sykes Pumps are delighted to introduce a new concept in emergency pumping by unveiling our revolutionary Rapid Response unit. The main feature of our latest innovation is its lightweight frame which allows it to be legally towed by vans and other medium sized vehicles.

Complying with all industry regulations, the Rapid Response pump negates the need for delivery lorries, tahcographs and – perhaps most importantly – any additional manpower. The unit can be attached, delivered and set up by a single operative, simplifying the whole process between transportation and installation.

Although small and compact in size, the Rapid Response delivers users huge performance that facilitates the pumping of up to 130,000 litres per hour. A built-in fuel tank and self-priming feature allows the pump to be up and running within seconds of arriving on site. No specialist training is required to commission the unit which can be fully functional simply by the turn of a key.

Specifically designed for contractors, utilities companies and local authorities, the pump can be housed in your yard or warehouse and be on the road instantly when urgent intervention is needed.

The Rapid Response pump has been brought to market following in-depth customer-based research, with a number of key criteria incorporated in the product’s features and benefits:

–          Lightweight frame suitable for towing even by medium sized vehicles

–          Silenced engine tier 4 compliant allowing discreet deployment in noise-sensitive areas

–          Built-in fuel tank permitting full functionality within seconds of arrival on site

–          Quick release couplings for swift installation

–          High flow rates which are ideal for incidents of localised flooding

–          High discharge pressures for instances where extensive hose lengths are required

–          Fuel tank capacity of 35 litres enabling continuous operation for up to 24 hours

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The Rapid Response pump retains all the great features that our customers love about the Sykes Pumps range, while raising the bar in the pump hire sector in terms of lightweight, fuel efficiency, ease of use and performance.

“We believe it is the most robust, compact and cost-effective road towable pump on the market and have already committed to a signification investment – with further units planned for both rental and sales customers.

“Our expert sales team will be travelling the country offering demonstrations to potential clients over the next few weeks, with pumps now available for immediate long-term hire.”

If you’d like to discuss the many advantages of using a Rapid Response pump in instances that necessitate immediate attention, then speak to a trained professional today. Simply call us on 0800 211 611 and a member of our expert contact team can assist you further or even make a recommendation based on the specifications of an upcoming project. You can also watch a video showing our new product in action, by clicking here.

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