Case Study

Sykes provide pumping solution for large scale renovation project

The renovation of one of the South Coast’s most historical theatres was dependent upon the intervention of specialist hire company, Sykes Pumps. Before the project commenced, we sent an engineer to our client’s site – in Eastbourne – to assess the job’s unique requirements.

As part of the overhaul, the entire toilet block was to be relocated elsewhere, along with the sewer that ran underneath it. We were therefore asked to create a diversion to ensure outflows from the original toilet block were redirected to a nearby manhole.

It was decided that two JS750 submersible pumps would be suitable for handling the flows being produced, and these were each fitted with non-return valves and 3” wire-armoured hose. We also supplied a standby unit, but this was ultimately not required.

The two rented pumps proved more than adequate for the application and were kept on site for approximately 10 months. Our customer was extremely pleased with the solution implemented as it was crucial in facilitating major development works taking place inside the theatre.

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