Case Study

Sykes provide pumping equipment for excavation project

Our experts were recently drafted in after a well-known construction company in Essex encountered problems with keeping their site dry. The problem was preventing them from laying concrete foundations as the intended area was too wet.

The construction project was taking place by a large lake which, due to underground digging, was causing water to seep into the site. We were therefore asked to overpump the contaminated water from the excavation area and redirect it back into the lake while removing all sediment and silt.

Following a site survey, it was decided that one of our super silent 6” pumps would be suitable for pumping the water away from the affected area. Our engineers also provided the customer with a settlement tank to filter and remove silt from the water to avoid polluting the lake.

The pump hire package worked perfectly to counteract the problem at hand and was kept on site until the project’s completion. Our customer was extremely pleased with the speed in which our pump rental was implemented as it enabled the first phase of a major development to get underway without polluting or draining the lake nearby.

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