Case Study

Sykes provide pump hire for sluice gates’ wheel assembly

As a company with an excellent reputation for designing pump hire packages to assist even the most uncommon projects, Sykes regularly work alongside the Environment Agency when assistance is required.

One particular scheme – at the Allington Lock on the Medway River – necessitated an upgrade to wheel assemblies to ensure functionality was enhanced in the long-term. Our client was responsible for overseeing the development and required an overpumping hire package in place before vital improvements could be made on the sluice gates’ wheel assembly.

By providing a Super Wispaset 150 capable of pumping 90 litres of liquid every second, we were able to transfer water between stop locks downstream into the tidal section of the River Medway. Overpumping was required to facilitate the erection of scaffolding, which was necessary to allow old water-lubricated wheel assemblies to be decommissioned and replaced.

This course of action enabled various components to be safely removed from site while engineers carried out repair work away from the river. The assignment ran extremely smoothly from start to finish, prompting the director of the engineering company involved to praise our operation.

He said: “We had used Sykes Pumps on other schemes so we knew that we could trust them to provide us with the appropriate kit, commission it correctly and work flexibly with us to ensure that the pump was operational when we needed it.

“Routine maintenance schemes like this one are a vital part of managing our waterways and, thanks to this one, the sluice gate at Allington Lock is ready to give many more years of efficient service.”

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