Case Study

Swift intervention from Andrews Dehumidification Hire saves international food producer thousands

Once a potato yield has been gathered, it is absolutely imperative that all produce is stored appropriately in order to maximise its shelf life. A potato’s high moisture content makes it extremely susceptible to quickly developing bacterial soft rot and becoming unsaleable as a result.

Process potatoes – those typically farmed for fast food purposes – are harvested during autumn and are often difficult to store safely because of damp seasonal conditions. High moisture content outdoors can often cause ventilation systems to lose effectiveness which will in turn lead to delicate crops becoming spoiled if appropriate steps are not taken at an early stage.

When a major wholesaler in East Anglia began to suffer from this precise scenario, they contacted Andrews Dehumidification in search of a temporary solution. Following a site survey, we proposed deploying a high capacity KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier outside each storeroom which would ensure the applications were suitably dry before moving perishable goods inside.

By advocating this dehumidifier hire, we were able to prevent almost 90% of our client’s stock from succumbing to the conditions – a cost saving estimated to run well into six figures. Our swift service not only combated a short term issue but also laid the foundations for a contingency strategy that would leave our customer better equipped to deal with a similar problem next year.

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