Case Study

Structural engineers protected by ventilation hire arrangement

When an international architectural engineering company required a temporary ventilation hire package to protect staff on site, we stepped in to provide a practical solution. Our client has been responsible for manufacturing some of the country’s most iconic structures, overseeing all aspects of the design including applying intumescent coatings and paintwork.

These processes, although essential, can produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are potentially harmful to those in the vicinity unless preventative action is taken. VOCs are essentially unstable gases that are released into the air while paint dries and are now subject to stringent government regulation due to the health implications of people inhaling them.

With safety the primary focus of this project, we provided two high capacity FV900 fans which would operate alongside a supplementary filtration system to ensure the issue was addressed. Both fans were stationed close to where the work was being carried out, extracting fumes which were then drawn away from site via lengths of ducting and pulled into separate filter boxes.

This ventilation hire arrangement was effective in removing dangerous contaminants from the air before being passed into filter boxes. Rather than redirecting toxic particles back into the atmosphere, these pollutants are retained inside the filter boxes which allows indoor air quality to be dramatically improved.

Our assistance played a crucial role in averting the possibility of people on site suffering headaches, dizziness and potentially developing more serious respiratory issues. The customer was very pleased with the solution devised and the speed of our service which helped safeguard a busy industrial application throughout the time our equipment was required.

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