Case Study

Stand-in pump hire replacement keeps MOD pumping station online

Towards the end of summer, Sykes was contacted by a utility contractor working on behalf of a Ministry of Defence site in Lincolnshire. Our client was looking for a temporary solution to be installed as a replacement for units located in a pumping station on site. The customer’s existing pumps required routine maintenance and so had to be decommissioned to enable them to be attended to.

The application necessitated a pump hire solution that could divert water over a hill and match the output of the equipment that was originally in place. For this to be accurately calculated, we sent a local expert to the location so that they could specify the job in person.

Having assessed the required pumping capacities, we recommended the hire of two PX30 electric submersible drainers which are specifically designed for use on medium head, high flow projects. A single unit can handle flows of over 300 litres per second, meaning we could comfortably deliver the maximum pumping output needed for this job.

In addition to the two pumps, we also provided a generator to ensure there was sufficient power available at all times. For maximum efficiency, both pumps were fitted with control panels. The pumping arrangement was set up in such a way that the generator would only start once the water had risen to a certain level, negating the need for it to be functioning constantly even when the pumps were not being used.

By configuring our pump hire solution in this way, we were able to save the customer a significant sum of money due to the greatly reduced fuel consumption.

The client was delighted with our proposal and committed to the agreement two months prior to the kit actually being required on site. Once installed, our electric submersibles did exactly what was expected of them and fulfilled a vital role in keeping the pumping station operational while routine maintenance was carried out.

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