Case Study

Southern Water pumping station kept operational

Pumping stations play a vital role in transporting fluids from one place to another and as such are used across a range of infrastructural scenarios – including land drainage and sewage transfer. So when a Southern Water facility in the Kent area suffered blocked pumps and discharge lines, an emergency solution was necessary to restore the plant’s functionality.

A collapsed road nearby had caused sewage and water mains to burst, flooding the gardens of a number of properties in the area. In addition, the high water table and sandy conditions led to silt finding its way into the pumping chamber which prevented it from operating properly.

Our response to the issue was to deploy a series of SP50 solids handling submersible pumps in two existing manholes located near the affected road. These were equipped with float level controls and mobile alarm units designed to alert the customer should the level in the chamber rise for any reason.

By using the power supply installed in the nearby pumping station to power the temporary pumps, it provided silent, automatic use of the pumps whilst negating the need for someone to visit the site for refuelling purposes. The equipment remained on hire for a number of weeks until major civil engineering works could be completed on the damaged pipework.

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