Case Study

Sewer works in Reading kept online by Andrews Chillers

When one of the country’s largest sewage plants suffered mechanical failure on their processing site, a swift reaction was vital to ensure an environmental health hazard was avoided. Circulation pumps – which push waste water through the works – had begun to falter, and this was attributed to the hot summer weather.

If the sewage wasn’t treated properly it would cause an outflow into the river nearby and have the potential to cause far-reaching damage. An immediate solution was therefore required.

Our client’s existing circulation pumps had a radiator-based cooling system but because the ambient air produced was too hot, the “cooling oil” was also above the desired temperature and was no longer cooling the pump down. In the absence of reliable on-site cooling, we proposed the use of a 200kW fluid chiller unit which was installed and connected to four 50kW air handlers.

By implementing a chiller hire solution within a few hours of receiving the enquiry, we were able to keep the facility operational despite a major issue. The customer was extremely relieved once the unit was commissioned and outlined the possible consequences had we not been on site so promptly.

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