Case Study

Sewage diversion required for major construction scheme

One of the UK’s leading development companies recently required some overpumping assistance in order to simplify a major sewage diversion. Fortunately at Sykes Pumps, we had the necessary levels of expertise to handle the issue effectively and by doing so helped keep a multi-million pound assignment on schedule.

The company in question was looking to overpump a main sewer line and subsequently needed constant flows exceeding 1000 litres per second. The waste system had to be relayed along a new path due to a number of new houses being built in the immediate vicinity.

Once the scale of the application had been analysed, a Sykes technician proposed a pump hire solution that befitted the location and budget of our customer. This assessment preceded the deployment of two 12” Super Wispa 300 units and four 8” Super Wispa 200 models. These were installed with individual suction lines but the 8” pumps were connected into the 12” discharge line in order to minimise the need for additional manpower and pipework.

A high level sound proof hording was then used to surround each unit, ensuring operational noise would not disturb nearby residential properties.

In total, our pumps remained on site for several weeks and were only off-hired once the designated task was completed.

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