Case Study

Replacement cooling hire keeps data centre online during system upgrade

Data centres and server rooms are among the most temperature-sensitive applications around, so there can be no room for error when it comes to ensuring that climate control systems are operating properly.

This means conducting regular maintenance which should include the frequent replacement of filters, coils and the cleaning of drains and other components. Many cooling solutions will also comprise of direct expansion (DX) units, which function by cooling indoor air using condensed refrigerant liquid. These, too, will also need to be replaced from time to time to help preserve the longevity and performance of a fixed air conditioning system.

Earlier this month, a global technology services provider contacted us with the expectation that we could deliver and install a temporary cooling arrangement while their DX units were decommissioned. Our client was keen to source substitute equipment as quickly as possible because there were concerns about the potential vulnerability of their UPS rooms if alternative kit could not be supplied almost immediately.

The customer estimated that a stand-in air conditioning solution would be needed for a total of 12 weeks, which was the length of time that they anticipated it would take for new DX units to be obtained and installed.

Aware of the likely consequences of a temperature-induced malfunction or breakdown, our engineers reacted instantly to deliver six of our PAC 60 split type units to the client’s site in Hertfordshire.

We’re delighted to report that the project ran extremely smoothly despite the urgent nature of the hire, and there are already plans to install a similar cooling solution inside a separate data centre at the same location.

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