Case Study

Printing company requires emergency ventilation

When a well-known printing company needed to extract fumes created by dye chemicals at a Lancashire warehouse, Andrews Ventilation was drafted in to provide a solution.

The customer had originally turned to another company to tackle the issue but their response was ineffective, prompting the need for us to get involved. Immediate action was essential due to the high risk of workers being exposed to hazardous substances and sulphur dioxide fumes. The dye products stored on site were made up of complex chemical structures, necessitating the installation of a robust ventilation hire arrangement at the earliest opportunity.

We were able to gauge the size of the warehouse via an initial telephone conversation which accelerated the process. This allowed us to ascertain the scale of the application and propose the correct equipment accordingly. Two FV900 extraction fans were deployed adjacent to the areas requiring primary attention, with lengths of ducting used to remove large volumes of contaminated air.

Our ventilation hire package remained on site for several months and was only decommissioned after the client had implemented a more permanent solution. The customer was extremely complimentary about the proficiency of our engineers, whose diligence was underlined by frequent visits to site to ensure the kit was performing as expected.

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