Case Study

Overpumping systems bypasses sewer mains on hotel grounds

Before a hotel could reopen for business following a change in ownership, the new management team had to address an outflow of sewage that had been streaming over a footpath on site for the previous few months. Prior to the hotel changing hands, the building was left derelict and the sewage connection to the mains had been disconnected by the local water company.

Understandably, this was an issue that our client wanted addressed with pressing urgency as it was costing them money every day the hotel was unable to open. Plans had been drawn up for a new main to be laid over the coming months but in the meantime, it was essential that an overpumping hire solution could be found.

A Sykes Pumps salesperson visited the site to assess the situation and to calculate the required overpumping distance. Two Piranha S21 submersible wastewater pumps were subsequently recommended because of their ability to handle effluent and small solids. These were installed utilising the customer’s power supply and fitted with telemetry and more than 120 metres of 2” discharge hose in order to bypass the live sewer and reach the designated discharge point.

Since being installed, our pump hire arrangement has worked continuously for several weeks and will remain in place until the new main has been constructed. For additional peace of mind, we also provided the customer with a standby attendance package in which an engineer will immediately be sent to site in the unlikely event of a problem.

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