Case Study

Northumberland production set seeks emergency heating

Before a UK-based commercial television network could begin filming a brand new drama series in the North East, a temporary heating system was required on set to keep actors and camera crew warm.

All scenes were shot within a modified warehouse, so high capacity units were required to adequately warm the entire area. The customer had actually hired equipment from us on a previous occasion and was looking to get hold of the same heaters they had used before.

Within hours of contact, two IDRG30 radiant indirect fired gas models had been installed on the premises. This product is frequently deployed in a warehouse environment because of its aptness for spaces with limited ventilation. The IDRG30 is capable of warming areas up to 628m³ in size and delivers large volumes of safe, fume-free heat.

Our client was very pleased to receive the units so quickly, and these are due to remain in place until after filming is complete. Regular communication will be maintained throughout the hire so that additional heaters can be quickly supplied, if necessary.

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